Thursday, June 13, 2024

Zero Day in Del Norte

We woke up in the town park to s We woke up in the town park to so many birds singing. I tried to sleep in but I just couldn’t do it. We packed up slowly and headed over to the Up Top Cafe for lattes and avocado toast. After hanging out for a few hours we headed across the street to ask at a hotel if we could just pay to have showers. The answer: $50 Thanks but no thanks! Next we tried at a yoga studio and the owner was super nice but had no showers, she told us about a guy named Paul and where we could find him after 11am. So we went for a second breakfast at a diner. Then we went to see Paul at a Trade and Post which was way more like a record shop/ hang out spot. He had a shower and it was free! He told us about a time when he lived in a cabin without water and had to rely on the kindness of others for a shower. Thank you Paul! 

Our next chore was laundry so we walked to the Laundromat/car wash. I hate walking extra steps when it doesn’t count as trail miles. We started a load and then TBD emptied her pack and sprayed it down at the car wash. Someone at the laundromat overheard us talking about getting new garbage bags for pack liners and offered to go get us some. Now that it’s been raining for a few minutes everyday it’s important. Thank you! The next chore was a resupply, we needed five days of food. We had been to the co op downtown already and knew there were a few things we liked there but the grocery store was close to the laundromat so we went there first. There were no vegan ramen or vegan mashed potatoes but they had a lot of vegan pastries. They also had Luna Lemon bars! We stocked up and then sorted out the food near the entrance of the store. While we were there the wind picked up and blew over a whole bunch of stuff inside the store. A sign blew over and hit a lady in her head. TBD ran in to help and a worker locked the door closed. The wind only lasted maybe 20 minutes and there were a few drops of rain and then that was it. It was over. Next we headed back downtown to the co op to buy vegan cheese and smoked tofu for our tortillas. It was getting late in the day so we decided that it would be a zero day! After we made the tortillas we headed to the 1874 food truck where I had the best meal in a trail town so far! We hung out there for a long time and TBD got a beer while she charged her phone. Then we made our way back to the park to set up the tent with a pit stop at the gas station to buy a pop. While I was in the store someone approached TBD with a bag of Red Bulls, Powerade and water. We are leaving them at the gazebo in the parking lot for other hikers. It has been a long day full of chores but that is what zero days are like.


Day 44.  0 miles

746 miles/1200.5km so far! 

“The day I decided that my life was magical, there was suddenly magic all around me.” Marybeth Quinn

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