About Me

More than a decade ago I went on an epic journey hiking the Appalachian Trail. It made me question how I live my everyday life. I am sure that I will never be the same! I didn’t leave on that adventure wanting to change my life, I thought I loved my life then. But after living out in nature with only a backpack of possessions and experiencing the total sense of peace and freedom creation provided, returning home to “normal” was hard to adjust to. I spent the next several years simplifying my life. I minimized my possessions, bought a short bus and went on a cross country adventure. 

After a big bus adventure I was still craving the trail. So I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. I came back tired and worn out and ready for another change. 

Michael was great to adapt to whatever crazy idea I had but he had wanted to buy some property for awhile. We managed to find a very cute little old cabin that needed a lot of work in northern Ontario. It has been perfect! We fixed it up exactly how we want it and have a little off grid piece that of paradise!

So here I am in an awesome place, with great neighbours and a brand new job in the nearby town but guess what? It’s time to hike again!

My daughter and I are about to hike the Continental Divide Trail and I can’t wait!  

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