Friday, August 29, 2014


Guess what! Henry (trailname Lionel) will be on the trail the same time as us! I met him in hiking in Virginia and he offered to help me out when I got near Bear Mountain in New York. Well he did more than help me out! By the time I got to New York I was hiking with Two Socks, Canadian Bacon and Zenmaster and when I called and explained that I was hiking in a group, Henry said "the more the merrier!" It was during the heat wave and he and his wife (Lola) came to our rescue in a huge way! They came and picked us up immediately and brought us to their air conditioned home complete with swimming pool! It felt like we were on vacation at a resort! We were totally pampered. We stayed for four days with Henry slack packing us in the mornings while it was a little cooler. We became fast friends and Henry ended up driving all the way to Maine to hike Katahdin with us! It's people like Henry and Lola that made my experience last year so wonderful and I am excited about the chance to see him again!

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