Friday, August 29, 2014


Last year before my AT hike I had lots of questions from friends about safety on the trail stuff like "Aren't you afraid of going by yourself? What if there are creeps? Are you taking a gun? What about bears?" You get the idea! This time (probably because most of them know everything turned out ok last year) I get questions about my hammock, how much water will I need to carry and what do I eat? Questions about the logistics of a long distance hike, like how often do I go into towns? How do I get to the towns? And how many miles do I hike in a day? Most of these questions are easy for me answer based on my own experiences last year with one exceptions: my food bag! Last year I ate cold for most of the trip. I ate poptarts or granola bars for breakfast, summer sausage, cheese and crackers for lunch, chocolate bars, skittles or gummy bears every two or three hours all day long and whatever was was left in my bag at the end of the day was my supper (usually cliff bars or Pringles or something equally unhealthy). While in town I divided my food into ziplock bags for each day on the trail, it was my way of rationing my food so I'd make it to the next town without starving (and I was still hungry ALL the time). Things will be different this time around! There will be coffee and hot chocolate! I'm still going to eat lots of food every few hours but I will have oatmeal at breakfast and a hot dinner for supper! Pasta sides and rice sides with whatever we can add to spice things up are what our first few dinners will be. Will that be what we eat for dinner for the whole month? I'm not sure but there will be towns every few days so we can switch things up if we need to. Oh and this time I start out with a lot of jerky! A friend of mine gave me a lot of homemade jerky and it is delicious!

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