Friday, August 29, 2014

Mountains of The Long Trail!

I'm running out of time before the hike but my list seems to be getting longer not shorter. We took the car in for a check up and discovered some things that need fixed, so we will be without a car for a day while it's being fixed and our trip savings just shrunk a little bit. We are also leaving a day earlier, not to head straight to the trail but to take my daughter back to Ottawa where she is in school so there is one less day to make things happen. It's not that I still have a lot to do it's that I have to try to fit the few things left into an already busy schedule (I can't wait for the peace of the trail).
I'm off to work soon but the real reason I am posting today is that there is an actual list of all the mountains we will be climbing on The Long Trail! I was skeptical when someone posted about it on Facebook until they sent me a message with the list. All in there are over one hundred mountains and it really makes me wonder just how many mountains I climbed last year on the AT! Here's the list:

Long Trail Mountains - VERMONT – Northbound on Long Trail
(This list does not include 30+ unnamed peaks)

1. Peak 3025
2. Consultation Peak
3. Harmon Hill
4. Maple Hill
5. Glastenbury Mountain
6. Gore Peak
7. Stratton Mountain
8. Spruce Peak
9. Bromley Mountain
10. Styles Peak
11. Peru Peak
12. Baker Peak
13. White Rocks Mountain
14. Bear Mountain
15. Little Killington
16. Killington Peak
17. Pico Peak
18. Deer Leap Mountain
19. Mt Carmel
20. Farr Peak
21. Mt Horrid
22. Cape Lookoff Mountain
23. Gillespie Peak
24. Romance Mountain
25. Worth Mountain
26. Burnt Hill
27. Kirby Peak
28. Mt Boyce
29. Battell Mountain
30. Breadloaf Mountain
31. Mt Wilson
32. Mt Roosevelt
33. Little Hans Peak
34. Mt Cleveland
35. Mt Grant
36. Mt Abraham
37. Lincoln Peak
38. Nancy Hanks Peak
39. Cutts Peak
40. Mt Ellen
41. General Stark Mountain
42. Baby Stark Mountain
43. Molly Stark Mountain
44. Beane Mountain
45. Burnt Rock Mountain
46. Mt Ira Allen
47. Mt Ethan Allen
48. Camel’s Hump Footrest
49. Camel’s Hump
50. Stimson Mountain
51. Bolton Mountain
52. Mt Mayo
53. Mt Clark
54. Dewey Mountain
55. Mt Mansfield
56. Spruce Peak
57. Madonna Peak
58. Morse Mountain
59. Whiteface Mountain
60. Prospect Rock
61. Laraway Mountain
62. Belvidere Mountain
63. Tillotson Peak
64. Haystack Mountain
65. Sugarloaf Mountain
66. Bruce Peak
67. Buchanan Mountain
68. Domey’s Dome
69. Gilpin Mountain
70. Jay Peak
71. Doll Peak
72. North Jay Peak
73. Burnt Mountain
74. Carleton Mountain

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