Friday, August 29, 2014


Sponsors! Over the winter on Facebook I have made so many new hiker friends. One of my new Facebook friends (Marie) started up an ultralight dog gear company called Groundbird Gear and was looking for some canine testers for her new products. She offered to made a custom pack for Cooper for free and it is awesome! The harness is so much lighter than Melkie's Ruffwear Palisade pack harness and if I were to get it wet it would be dry in no time. Melkie's harness was often wet for days last year. The pack itself is a lot smaller, lighter and more compact than Melkie's and I hope this translates to a lot more comfortable for the dog. I don't want anyone to think I am putting down Ruffwear packs, by far they were the best and most durable on the trail last year but I really like the idea of an ultralight pack for the dogs. I am always trying to make my own pack lighter shouldn't I also be trying to lighten my dogs load? You can find out more about her products at
The funny thing is that Cooper wants nothing to do with it and runs everytime I pick it up but I am sure that will change when we are on the trail and he is having the time of his life! Melkie is the total opposite and if I pick his pack up he runs right over and tries to help me put it on. The other day I was making sure all their gear was ready to go and Melkie just sat by the door for hours looking all depressed thinking he had missed out on a big hiking trip. I hope after the first day on the trail Cooper feels the same way about his new pack. Thank you Marie at Groundbird Gear for the new dog pack! 

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  1. Thank you for giving it a go! Your feedback will be invaluable to my design! Thanks, Cooper! And, I'm enjoying your K9 blog on trailjournals.... you write very good for a dog! Woof!