Saturday, September 6, 2014

On top of the world!

Today was an absolutely perfect hiking day! Al dropped us off at the trail head and we started up. The up wasn't that bad, it was pretty gradual and there were so many different mushrooms and everything was so mossy! It was gorgeous! Whenever we were out of breath, we stopped for a break. We had many, many breaks today! By the time we got to the last hill, we were exhausted but again everything was so beautiful! The Green Mountain Club has done an excellent job at not only maintaining the trail but adding beautiful features. We hiked up a moss covered rock staircase and soon we were at a stream where we loaded up on water before bypassing the shelter and heading straight for the fire tower. There were several other hammockers set up here and we decided to join them. Once set up we headed up the tower and after several pictures came down to eat. It's pretty windy here but I knew that there wouldn't be many opportunities to sleep up this high. I'm already in my hammock and Melkie is about to join me. Good night world!

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