Monday, October 13, 2014

While hiking I have lots of time to think and all kinds of things go through my head. Not the practical stuff that goes through your head while at work or at home but creative things. Sometimes I make up songs, sometimes I imagine new inventions and how I'd go about making them. Sometimes I take a picture with my camera and envision myself painting it. The problem is that as soon as I'm back to civilization my mind doesn't work that way, it goes right back to practical mode. And so I made a list (because it was the practical thing to do) of creative things I want to do while I'm at home. One of the first things on the list was to buy paint and art supplies and start being a little more creative. I did buy the paints, brushes and a couple canvasses but they sat on the shelf out in the front room untouched for a few weeks. It wasn't until I went to a garage sale with a friend and brought home an old sewing machine that needed cleaned up that anything happened. I cleaned up the machine and Michael brought in a giant old desk that had been out in his workshop and now I have an area to work in. Since then I've made all kinds of things! I picked up some wood pallets along the side of the road and Michael tore them apart for me. I stained all the pieces while they were apart and then put them back together and painted a few. 

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