Saturday, October 22, 2016

Questions and Answers

Anytime someone learns that we are living on a bus the same questions are asked. Just in case any of you wonder the same things, here are our answers:
Q:  I can't believe you fit all of your stuff on the bus and that two of you live in there with two big dogs! How do you do it?              
A: Well to begin with we downsized a lot giving most of our stuff away. Then when we just couldn't give anymore away we rented a storage unit for just those items that we absolutely wanted to keep but wouldn't fit on the bus. Things like Michael's tools and our motorcycles and some off season clothing. Next we organized everything on the bus. It wasn't easy at first because we had crammed too much stuff on the bus. But after realizing that we weren't using all of it and eliminating even more, it is pretty comfortable inside. Our kitchen stuff definitely takes up the most space and we each have two personal drawers for clothing or whatever we want on the bus. On top of that we still have quite a big area dedicated to arts and crafts and things to do on a rainy day. 

Q: I don't see a toilet! Where do you go to the washroom? 
A: We started with a small commode that we never once used. I had always planned on installing an environmentally friendly compost toilet but honestly I don't see the need now. We have realized that there are public washrooms everywhere and why would we want that on our bus if we don't need it!

Q: Where do you shower?
A: At first we had friends who offered to share their showers but we felt a little awkward about that. All summer long we showered at local marinas who cater to boaters had have amazing facilities. Now that boating season is over we have paid to shower at hotels sometimes using their pool, hot tubs and saunas while we were there. We always have baby wipes and hand sanitizer on the bus for quick clean ups but we have realized that (at least in Canada) it's not as easy to find a shower as I had thought. I know that we could get YMCA or gym memberships that would give us access to showers but eventually I would like a hot water on demand unit on the bus even if only for outside showers. I think that while we are out adventuring we may need to think outside the box a little more.

Q: How do you eat? What do you eat? Do you just eat out?
A: We eat just like you do at home with a few exceptions. We use a two burner Coleman stove to cook with so we can easily make anything that would normally go in a pot, pan or on a grill. However we don't have an oven so some meals we have to improvise or just accept that we can't make everything. During the summer I didn't do without at all and whenever I needed an oven we had a campfire! I would just make my baked potatoes or sweet potatoes right in the fire but now that it's not really campfire season I am starting to notice the lack of baked goods. For the most part I think we eat better than we did while in a house only because more thought goes into our meals and our fridge is so small that I always have fresh veggies now as I shop more frequently. My favourite meal on the bus is a veggie curry over rice. 

Q: Where do you stay? Where did you stay last night?
A: Pretty much wherever we want! The ideal spot is scenic with either a sunset or sunrise view. Most of the summer we opted for waterfront locations with a breeze but sometimes we choose our spot for the night based on amenities. Is there a washroom nearby or if it's been cloudy all day is there an outlet where we can plug in and top up our batteries. You'd be surprised at the amazing places we've found! Last night we stayed on the edge of town with a field on one side of us and a cityscape on the other.
Q: Are you nuts?
A: This is the number one question that Michael gets asked (I think people think it with me but don't say it)! And the answer is .....Maybe! We are following our dreams, most people don't. If this all works out - great! If it doesn't, at least we tried it! At the end of our lives we won't regret the things we didn't try

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