Thursday, October 13, 2016

Stuff, stuff and more stuff!

How long should I keep something that I haven't used in awhile? At what point does my living space just become a storage unit for stuff? How much of this do I actually use? It's funny that this is even an issue for me because we have downsized so much already  and because I have lived out of a backpack for six months! I know I can live with a lot less than I have right now! It continues to amaze me just how many items are on this bus that I haven't even used once! At first, we thought we needed way more than we actually did and downsized a little bit every time we passed a Goodwill store or stopped at the storage unit. But now the storage unit is crammed full of stuff and I am still finding things on the bus I still haven't even used. We need to downsize even more! Should I give away something if I haven't used it in a season? Or is that too long? What if I give away everything I haven't used in a month! Definitely the items I haven't used for the four and a half months we have lived in the bus are being given away! I will make exceptions for the first aid kit, tools and bus maintenance stuff and some arts and craft stuff but the rest has got to go! I have a full container of utensils I haven't even used! The storage unit is in even worse shape! This weekend we will try to give away half of what is in that unit keeping only our off season items and Michael's tools. I've even listed my motorcycle for sale and if it goes I will downsize the size of our storage unit and save a few dollars. 

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