Saturday, May 6, 2017

Grand Falls to St. Andrew

We headed to the Falls first thing this morning and were disappointed to see the perfect place that we could have spent the night with a view of the falls. Oh well that's what happens when you arrive somewhere as it is getting dark- you miss out! We did sleep good though and we still got to enjoy the Falls so I guess it all worked out. The Falls were a bit over powering. The water was moving so fast that I was dizzy most of the time we were there. We were lucky to be here this time of year because other than during the spring the water gets diverted to the dam. Today we were seeing almost the same amount of water that flows over Niagara Falls flow over a much smaller space. It was impressive. We crossed a bridge and walked along the falls on the opposite side from where we parked and noticed a few guys working on a zip line that went over the Falls. Now that would be the zip line to do! It wasn't open to the public today but it was still fun to watch the workers zip across. We met a traveler from Switzerland who had brought his really cool looking adventure mobile with him and was traveling first across Canada and then heading south, planning on going all the way to Argentina! How cool is that! Soon we were on our way back down the TransCanada highway to avoid the bumpy, pothole filled roads (I secretly think this is making Michael appreciate our roads back at home that he used to complain about a lot more) as long as we can. I saw a sign for Hartford and (even though I've been there a few times) realized that Michael might want to see the longest covered bridge in the world. Of course we made the detour into town and parked the bus because we were afraid the bus might get stuck in the bridge. We did walk across it though and it gave us a chance to stretch our legs. Next stop was for gas and a sundae (the kind you get to make yourself and add as many toppings as you want)! Our goal was the coastline but again I saw another sign reminding me of another place Michael might want to see. King's Landing, it's a historical settlement where a typical town has been reconstructed using surviving buildings from different locations and brought to form this "fake" town so we can learn about how the early settlers lived. The last time I was here I think I was in grade 3 but I remember it vividly. There was a huge building with a giant water mill that powered a big saw to cut lumber inside. I vaguely remember a flour mill as well but unfortunately it doesn't open until June so we continued on our way to the coast. We stopped at Saint Croix Island International historic site for dinner and we even contemplated staying there but there was no where flat to park and that would have made for an uncomfortable sleep. The view of the island and Maine on the other side was beautiful though. Oh I forgot to mention that I got as close to Katahdin (the last mountain I climbed on the Appalachian Trail) as I can get from Canada today. In general being in the mountains again has reminded me so much of hiking the trail but getting this close to it tempts me into thinking about a southbound hike. Not right now though I've got too many other places to explore! We made it as far as St. Andrew and quickly stopped at one more historic site the St. Andrews Blockhouse. It's a small square fortified building used for defence. I'm not usually into war time history at all but the information was referring to the war of 1812 and this building got virtually no use because the Americans on the other side or the river (Maine) weren't interested in war (one of the reasons I love people from Maine so much)! Anyway, it was in a beautiful spot on the waterfront and why not learn about the area and its history while I'm here. We headed back to the quaint looking Tim Hortons before checking out the Main Street of the town and finally ending up at a gorgeous waterfront park for the night! It's a little windy and starting to rain but it's so beautiful here! Good night world!

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