Sunday, May 21, 2017


Because we woke up in a town, we started our day with a few chores before driving away. The next big town was about an hour away and I was driving. Even though I was on a main highway the drive was incredible! Rolling hills mixed in with funky shapes little mountains mostly covered in birch and pine. There was every shade of Green imaginable! As we approached Cambellton (the last big town in New Brunswick) I regretted driving. The view of the town along the waterfront surrounded by mountains was amazing and I had nowhere to stop to take a picture. I eventually parked in town along the waterfront and we had our second coffees and took the dogs for a walk along a perfectly groomed waterfront path. Michael made a friend with a local before we headed back to the bus to move on. Next stop Quebec! We crossed the bridge into Quebec and found ourselves on the perfect road to see water and hills. Soon we arrived at Miguasha National Park )it's not really a national park but in Quebec provincial parks are called national parks. This park is unique in that they have found some amazing fossils here and are continuing to find even more! We went to the museum first and watched a short movie about their latest find before touring through the displays. The exhibits were amazing and we couldn't wait to go out to the beach and cliffs to see what we could find. At first we only found the most common fossils the ones that indicate weather patterns or the direction of the waves but soon we came across several large rocks that had multiple wood and plant fossils in them. We also found a giant skeleton of we what we aren't sure. After playing on the beach I headed back up to the bus to make dinner while Michael continued playing palaeontology down below. He arrived just as dinner was ready and soon we were on the road again. I thought we were heading into no mans land and was totally surprised by the constant little hamlets and tiny villages along the coast. We stopped to take pictures several times before deciding to stop for the night. We started looking for a place in Paspebiac. There was a huge fishing port there so we headed in that direction and found an empty campground right next to it. There was no one around, it was kind of creepy and it totally smelled like rotten fish. Not staying! On our way out Michael noticed the date on a cool looking building (1767) down at the harbour. Cool! We drove through several small hamlets before pulling into a town park. Every little community here has a park for visitors. This one was exceptional! It had showers as well! Needless to say we quickly decided to stay here tonight and we are both clean! Good night world!

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