Monday, October 30, 2017


The other day on two completely different forums (one was a hiking group and the other was a skoolie group) almost identical questions were asked. The same day I read my friend’s blog about the changes they were making to their adventure (I will link his blog here because you will want to see what this guy has been up to). It make me think about all of the changes we have made in the past five years and realize that being able to adapt and sometimes even change your goals is not only okay but the right thing to do. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you imagined, sometimes (like my friend ET) you are wearing yourself out and need a break. I will admit that I have been feeling a little bit guilty for going ahead and planning a PCT hike when Michael has compromised on his goals so much so that we can be where we are now. I know he doesn’t regret it and I often hear him telling other people to slow down, smell the roses and think about your priorities try to align them with your lifestyle. I honestly thought that travelling around on our bus would take away my yearning for the trail but it hasn’t. There are similarities to this nomadic lifestyle and hiking but it isn’t quite the same and after hearing of how others have adapted their plans for the best I feel good about this. Because I am being torn in a few different directions right now I will be blogging about a few different subjects. I will continue to write about our adventures (our goal is to explore Vancouver Island while we are here) and I will add more content related to how to make bus life (or van life or RV living) work for you. I am also go by to be writing about my upcoming hike. I have started a journal over at but will still occasionally write about it here too. I realize that not everyone will be interested in everything. If there is something you would like me to write about please send me a message (just leave a comment below). I’m leaving you with ET’s adventure! His website is best seen on a desktop rather than a mobile. Enjoy!

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