Tuesday, January 9, 2018

5 Things You Learn When Living Over 4 Wheels

1. You learn who your friends are. 
Your friends and family may not agree with the lifestyle you choose but they are the first ones to show concern and offer to help in any way necessary (a shower, a night in a real bed or a driveway to park in). Others think you have jumped off the deep end and you never hear from them again.

2. Street People....you know the ones who you used to think were disadvantaged. They are some of the kindest, friendliest people you will ever meet. It really makes you stop and wonder who it is that is disadvantaged.

3. You learn that you really don’t need much to survive and be happy. I still find it hard to believe that everything I own fits into 80 square feet and we met so many more people this past year with less who seemed content. Having things doesn’t make anyone happy.

4. The bus dwelling, van dwelling, vehicle living, RV community is just like any metropolis city in that it is completely diverse. Not just diverse in that we live in all different types of vehicles but in that we live in vehicles for all different kinds of reasons and have all different kinds of personalities. I have met the super friendly sort as well as the don’t take another step closer to my vehicle or I will shoot sort in this past year. 

5. You really can take your home with you. Home is wherever we are at the moment. And if for some strange reason we don’t feel at home we can just drive until we do!

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