Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I applied for my Pacific Crest Trail permit!

This was a picture taken on the AT. I can’t wait to get back on a long trail!

I did it! I applied for my Pacific Crest Trail permit today! The Pacific Crest Trail Association uses a permit system to limit the number of people at any one place on the trail at the same time. It’s not a money grab as the permits are free. It’s to protect the fragile environments and wild spaces and keep them safe. It also ensures that I will get the solitude and wilderness experience I am longing for. 

Several parks throughout the trail also use a permit system for the same reason and having a long distance PCT permit (for anyone hiking more than 500 miles of the trail) makes it easier as I won’t have to apply for all of those other permits as well. There are a few places where I will be required to sign in at a registrar and this also helps the parks staff keep track of how many people are in the park. 

Because there are only so many  permits available it is important to apply for my permit as soon as I can. The NOBO hikers starting at the Mexican border were able to start applying last year on November 1st but the SOBO hikers and anyone not starting not near the the Mexican border had to wait until today to apply. I’m not too worried about not getting a permit but at the same time I had my alarm set today to remind me to log onto the PCTA website and apply the minute the permits became available.

While I was applying I wish I had thought to take a few screen shots. I laughed when one of the questions was how will I be traveling. My options were by foot, on a mule or horseback. It would be a pretty amazing trip on horseback but I would feel pretty bad for the horse.  It will take a few weeks before I receive an email telling me that my permit has been approved. So technically I am not a thruhiker again yet but...... I feel like one! I’m so excited! 

This isn’t my video it belongs to Cleverhiker but it was a video to watch at the end of the application process and I think it’s a great idea for everyone to learn about. Even if you only go on day hikes or go camping, please take the time to watch this!

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