Saturday, January 20, 2018

Rebuilding our Bus House!

We slept in our new bed last night! The bus isn’t rebuilt yet but the bed section is! Michael finished it after dark and as he walked the dogs I made up the bed.  We will have to make coffee and cook outside to tomorrow as our propane hose isn’t long enough to reach the stoves designated new spot. We can cook at the back of the bus on the deck so long as it doesn’t rain.... Did I tell you we live in the rainiest part of the country right now?

Even though there is less floor space the bus actually feels bigger.  I think I’m really going to like this change and it will be so much easier for Michael to manage while I’m away. No more having to set up the bed or put it away in the morning! Yay! 

The next job is to make  cases to cover our exposed batteries. Before they were hidden inside ikea dressers. Michael had taken out the bottom drawers and made a false front and then set the dressers over the wheel wells and batteries keeping everything out of sight. Once the batteries are safely covered we can start to built a shelf to hold our water containers and then finally be able to put the kitchen counters back! Once all of that is done we can install the copper pipe to reroute the propane. I’m thinking I will be cooking outside for a few days. 

We had originally planned on adding a couch and a wood stove near the front on the passenger side but for now we are in no hurry to do that and may even decide to just use a comfortable chair and wait until the fall to add the wood stove. We still have the propane heater and can use it if we need it. 

It looks like we have successfully gone from having the use of  ten dresser drawers down to five with no problems. I haven’t really downsized yet and I know there are items I can eliminate from our toiletries. While moving the dressers out it became very apparent that Michael has way more clothes than I do and I think he will have trouble fitting them all in the two drawers he has been allotted. I actually think we have more storage space on the bus now with the huge area under our bed available so he may be able to just move his rarely worn items to a bin under the bed. 

Although we are itching to get this job finished and our house back to normal we are taking a few days off to find a beautiful place and relax. Michael worked with a friend all week and then came home to work on the bus in the evenings. It will be nice to drive away to somewhere new and chill, or go for a hike!  I will post a video as soon as the bus is finished!

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