Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Six Reasons to Choose a Short Bus!

1. Drivability! 
It drives like a minivan. I don’t feel uncomfortable driving it around. It is so easy to maneuver.

2. Cheap parts if something goes wrong!  
Our short bus has a GMC Savannah chassis, if we have a mechanical problem we know there are parts available everywhere and that those parts will be relatively cheap.

3. Great gas mileage! 
When we first considered a nomadic lifestyle one of our concerns was cost of travel. A short bus has excellent gas mileage when compared to other options we considered at the time (RV, fifth wheel, full sized Skoolie).

4. Ease of finding free parking spots! 
When we considered where we would want to park each night we quickly realized that it would be easier to get by unnoticed in a smaller vehicle than a full sized bus or RV. We also wanted to be able to park in any city parking space when needed and not have to worry about finding parking for a larger vehicle.

5. Comfort!  
When we first started downsizing our stuff and thinking about what we really needed to survive, we couldn’t imagine anything smaller than a short bus. I realize there are thousands of happy vandwellers out there and after living in our short bus for the past year and a half we may even be able to squeeze into something smaller but the short bus is big enough to carry all of our stuff and still have space for us and our dogs.

6.  360 degree views!
  I honestly didn’t realize how awesome we had it being able to see out on all sides of us until I insulated the bus last winter and blocked the windows. Having those windows makes it feel so much bigger inside and allows the natural light in. I can't imagine ever switching it out with something without the amazing view.

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  1. Given the choice of windows or insulation, I'll take the windows every time!