Saturday, February 3, 2018

Do What You Love

I can’t believe a whole month has gone by already this year. I’m still reminiscing over the past year, the last big hike and all of the places we’ve been. Combine that with an interesting conversation with an old friend and a drive to pick up Michael at an absolutely beautiful location along the water in Youbou, BC and my thoughts turn to the incredible opportunities we’ve had since we moved into our bus!

We took a huge risk leaving stable jobs to live this lifestyle. Although I was confident it would turn out, I know that Michael was a little skeptical. He isn’t skeptical anymore! When we have had to pick up jobs for money we have worked at and stayed at some of the most amazing places. Who would have thought that downsizing and moving into a short bus would result in so many jobs on million dollar properties! Seriously! Michael is just finishing up a job where he can fish  off a private dock at lunch with a beer in his hand! Over the summer we were invited to work on several private island “cottages” painting or doing maintenance while the owners were away. We could even bring our dogs! And there is the waterfront estate just outside of Huntsville where we were asked to stay for a week and do simple landscaping and  stain a deck. All of these experiences would never have come our way with the traditional nine to five jobs. 

This isn’t to brag in any way but to point out the opportunities that arrive when you  give up the safe and socially accepted thing to do and try to live out your dreams. I’m also not suggesting everyone go out and quit their jobs but for us this is working out way better than we even imagined. The only time in this past year that I questioned things is when I was trying to play if safe instead of doing what I loved. Lesson learned. This year will be spent doing what I love!

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