Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hex Tarp Set Up!

Check them out for yourself!
I love the new Hex Tarp!
Doesn't it look comfy?
Look at all that extra coverage!

Awesome location!

I can’t believe the gorgeous weather here on Vancouver Island in February! This morning I headed over to the park with my Hennessy Hammock to try out my new Hex Tarp.  I ended up spending most of the day there just hanging out and enjoying my hammock. The new tarp is huge compared to the original tarp that the hammock came with. I am impressed with how many options I have to set it up. I can hang it above my hammock or attach it to the ridge line (like the original tarp). I like the little pockets built in to store the guy lines or tarp cords when they aren’t being used. It’s bigger than I expected and gives me full protection from the wind and rain with enough extra space under the tarp for me to spread out all of my things. I can use it to give me more privacy or set the tarp up more like an awning. I love it! Thank you Hennessy Hammock! 

I do have a few decisions to make regarding what I will bring with me on the PCT. The original tarp was 11oz the new tarp is 18oz. I’m hoping to shave weight a little bit to make up the difference. In the past I have used and carried two pairs of snakeskins, one for my hammock and one for my tarp. Snakeskins weigh 2oz per pair and make setting up, taking down and packing the hammock easier. When I packed up my gear this afternoon I put my hammock and tarp in one set of snakeskins. It fit perfectly and I can save 2oz if I leave a pair of snakeskins at home. I can save 4oz (a quarter of a pound) if I leave both sets of snakeskins at home and just cram everything into my pack but I’m not sure I can handle an unorganized pack and untangling a mess every night when I’m exhausted and just want to crash in my comfy hammock. I weighed one of the original Hennessy Hammock bags that the hammock arrived in and it came in at under an ounce. Maybe I should use the bag instead? I am still thinking about it. I like the simplicity of the snakeskins and am used to using them. I may go out on a few overnights soon without the snakeskins and see how I feel about it.

I do have a video in the works about my hammock but for now I will just leave you with a few pictures from earlier today. If you have any questions you want answered in the upcoming video please comment below and I will make sure I cover it.

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