Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stepping beyond fear.

So many people live their lives out of harmony with what they want. Maybe they went to school and took what their parents wanted them to only to end up with an unfullfilling career.  Maybe they just took any old job to make ends meet because they thought that was their only option or maybe they haven't even thought about what they really want in so long that they don't know anymore and just go through a boring old routine each day like a zombie. It's not that these people aren't contributing to society, it's just that they aren't doing anything rewarding (not what truly matters to them) and they don't feel like they are contributing anything positive. They aren't happy or joyful and aren't living to their full potential. I know this because I was one of those people. I had dreams and ideas but they didn't seem practical or important enough. I had kids to support. I couldn't just leave a stable (albeit low paying) job to do what I want, it didn't seem right. And for years I just made things work. All of that changed when I decided to go after my dreams. I had always wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail and so I rearranged my life to take six months off to hike it. It's amazing how easy it was to rearrange everything once I put my mind to it. From the moment I took the first step and made the decision to do it, every successive step became easier and easier. Looking back, I don't know why I had waited all those years to do it. Was I afraid of leaving the security of my job or the life I knew, was I afraid of what my family and friends would think or was it just too mind boggling to think that I really could do what I wanted and that there was nothing wrong with following the desires of my heart? What was I afraid of? And that is when I realized that it was fear itself that always got in the way.  A good friend of mine has some anxiety issues and while talking with her my thoughts often alternate between "why doesn't she just get over it already, can't she see how she is sabotaging herself?" and totally being able to relate to what she is anxious or worried about because I once had those same worries and I can remember how they stopped me from living my life. Im not suggesting that I am worry free now but I can honestly say that I can see how my worries and fears got in the way of my life and that I will make every effort to not fall into that trap again. I am still that practical and responsible person who tends to save up to make a special goal happen but am beginning to realize that I need to prioritize my happiness and my dreams on a daily basis instead of only saving up for the big goals in the future.  With this in mind I have decided to make some smaller more obtainable daily goals and seasonal goals while still planning and saving for the next big adventure. I've decided to go on a micro-adventure everyday! It might just be a hike down a new trail, or a bike ride to the next town or as a friend suggested today (and I happily accepted the challenge) to visit every single beach in the area by the end of the summer! I will still go to work each work day and complete any other task or obligation that I have but I will also take some time every single day for myself not by lazing around at home as I've done in the past but by exploring the area as if I had never been here before and hopefully making some new friends along the way! Want to join me on a micro-adventure?

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