Thursday, May 19, 2016

Eucalyptus Trees!

Palas de Rei to Ribadiso 27km (74.5km so far)
This morning seems so long ago, like I'm trying to remember what I did a week ago! We woke up to an overcast sky which isn't unusual on a mountain in Spain. It usually burns off by 1 or 2 pm. Today seemed different though so we started out in rain jackets but that was overkill for me and soon I was burning up. I stopped to take it off the first chance I got. We made our way through town following the Camino shell symbol and soon we were on a muddy path up a hill. Today was gorgeous! We hiked through eucalyptus forests and it smelled amazing! I've always said that walking through a pine woods is my favourite well eucalyptus is just as nice! The towns seemed a little more spread out today and we had more views of rolling hills between the trees. I enjoyed every minute of it. Well maybe not the last few ups or even the last down when my feet were done for the day but most of it was awesome! We crossed three medieval bridges today, one that has been continuously been rebuilt since the 6th century. Again I am too tired to put much thought into this. I ordered a glass of orange juice at lunch today (it's always juiced as you order it here) and it was so good! Not even remotely comparable to any orange juice (even in a juicer) at home! Later I noticed the same thing with the olives here, they taste so much better here! Almost everything we have ordered so far has seemed fresher and better quality to its equivalent at home. I think I might actually gain weight on this trail! Anyway, I can already hear people snoring (there are only six hikers in my room tonight so it shouldn't be too bad)! Good night world!

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