Friday, May 27, 2016

Goodbye Spain

Goodbye Spain!
Good bye beautiful people
 who helped us even though we didn't speak their language. 
And didn't jack up their prices like people from my own country would have if I didn't speak their language.
Goodbye amazing coffee 
that will be impossible to replicate back at home. 
And goodbye to the freshest orange juice 
I've ever had! 
Goodbye to olives and lemons 
that have no trace of bitterness whatsoever. 
Goodbye to rugged coastlines and sandy white beaches with shells. Goodbye to 1€ wine and 1€ beers. Goodbye to pretty orange clay rooftops 
and windows that open like doors. Goodbye to the forests that feel like they are refreshing your soul with each delicious breathe. 
And goodbye to the freshest, brightest orange egg yolks 
I have ever had. 
And goodbye to all of the windmills lining the the mountains as far as the eye can see.
Goodbye to my beautiful friends
Until we meet again.

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