Saturday, May 28, 2016

Travel Day!

Day 21 Spain to Germany
This morning we packed up and walked to the bus station. From there we headed to the airport. We enjoyed our last Spanish coffee at the airport before boarding our flight to Madrid. In Madrid we barely had time to say goodbye to Keith and Dina before boarding our flight back to Munich. As we boarded we could see Keith and Dina boarding the plane right next to ours which was headed to Paris. I wish We could be continuing my on to Paris! When we landed in Munich and went to collect Michael's luggage I heard an announcement in Spanish that sounded like they were asking Michael to check in at the customer service desk. I was right and at the kiosk we found out that his luggage was still back in Spain! This is exactly why I always try to fly with just a carry on! Anyway, another airline is supposed to bring his luggage later tonight and we should be able to pick it up tomorrow when we check back in to go home. Next stop was the Movenpick Hotel that we stayed in the first night we arrived. We pretty much just relaxed until we realized that if we didn't go down for dinner we wouldn't be eating tonight and I had an awesome veggie stir fry that I had eyed up the first time I was here. Even though it was our last night in Germany we pretty just relaxed as if we were at home.

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