Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Leaving the Coast

Day 19 Finisterre to Santiago de Compostela
We headed out this morning in search of a breakfast spot. In Spain breakfast is usually coffee and a pastry but we were looking for bacon and eggs. We walked around town, up hills and stairs getting a work out before going almost back down to where we started and settling on pastries. Then we packed up our stuff and said goodbye to our amazing Finisterre home and headed down to the bus stop. Michael got excited when he saw the double decker pull up, he's never been on one before and was determined to get the front seat up top. He did it! While I loaded our packs under the bus he started a line by the door and we ended up with the best view on the way back to Santiago de Compostela. It's a little sad to say goodbye to Finisterre, it has felt like we were on a holiday rather than an adventure. Back in Santiago de Compostela we (Dina our navigator) had to figure out how to get to our new Arbnb place. It's right near the cathedral and just on the edge of the old town. The place is cute and on the top floor. My room is bright yellow with a skylight window on the sloping roof ceiling that I can open. I love it! We arrived at that awkward time of the day where nothing is open because it's siesta time. We were hungry though and couldn't go out to eat until at least 7:30 (dinners are very late here because the work day doesn't end until 8pm). We found an awesome place though and. Had the best meal ever! 

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