Monday, May 23, 2016

The end of the earth!

Day 17 Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre
It was beautiful out today but we knew the good weather wouldn't last. We decided to go to Finisterre to the ocean while it was so nice out and come back to Santiago de Compostela later. We bought return tickets and went out for a quick coffee before the three hour bus ride. The route took us over the mountains and through villages along the coast. It was gorgeous! We are completely surrounded by beauty! At Finisterre (which means the end of the earth by the way) we had a few nervous moments when we realized the lady meeting us at our Arbnb couldn't speak a work of English. It all turned though and the place we are staying in feels like a resort! Marble floors everywhere and a view of the waterfront! I am going to learn Spanish before I come back here though! Why should these people have to learn my language to talk to me in their own country, it's been a little embarrassing! After dropping our packs in our new home we headed down the Main Street and stopped for dinner at a seafood place on the waterfront. It was probably the most expensive place to eat but the food was delicious! Keith finally got to try octopus, he said it was good! We walked out to the lighthouse (6km trip) and took our time enjoying the ocean view. At the bottom of the lighthouse Keith and Dina met a lady who was selling her book about her Camino in 2013. She had carried watercolours and painted a picture everyday of her hike. The book was beautiful, they bought one as a souvenir. After a cheap light dinner we came back to the apartment and just relaxed checking out the books that the host had left out for us. Good night world!

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