Monday, November 21, 2016

Another Upgrade

The weather has been so good! We haven't needed to keep the heater on all night yet but we were a bit nervous about the cold weather that is going to come. The other day while at Canadian Tire we decided to pick up a small electric smart heater just in case our propane heater doesn't cut it on the cold nights. Friends have already offered their homes to us in case it gets too cold but we'd really like to try to stay in the bus. We came up with the idea of the heater knowing that if it gets too cold we can park in a friend's driveway and plug in the bus. This way we will be able to use both heaters if needed. Michael took the console at the front of the van off (so we've lost our cup holders) to make the perfect spot to mount the electric heater. He did a great job and we got to try out the heater last night. It was actually too warm and I had to turn it off during the night! I think the bus is ready for winter!

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