Monday, November 21, 2016

Winter Upgrade

We have been using the small 1 lb propane canisters for the Coleman stove and our Mr. Heater. They work great and allow for us to move the stove outside whenever we feel like cooking outdoors. However, it's not very cost effective and the it's hard to find places to recycle the empty canisters. Today we are mounting a 20 lb propane tank to the back of the bus and installing permanent pipes and hoses to both the stove and the heater.  It's hard to watch as Michael drills multiple holes from the outside in so close to the back window that I'm afraid the window is going to shatter. No windrows were broken in this bus renovation and all of the holes in the bus have been filled with screws or the pipe for the propane.   We chose the easy route and bought a hose designed to go from a propane tank to a barbecue for outside the bus. Next we purchased two universal torch extension hoses that we used inside the bus and some teflon tape to make sure each attachment is sealed. I was nervous as we turned on the propane for the first time wondering if we were about to blow up our bus but Michael had added an extra shut off valve so he was able to let just a little bit of gas into the lines and test each connection safely. It was a good thing he did because we did have a leak that needed fixed! Everything is in working order now and we can keep the heater on all the time if we need to! We just need to remember to shut the tank off before we drive away!

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