Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It's Finally Spring!

Say hello to spring! The warmer weather has been awesome! We've been out on the TransCanada Trail every single day! Last week we were walking on snow and ice now it's actual trail and it's beautiful! The dogs have been loving it and have both gone for their first swim of the year. Cooper actually got chased out of the water by trumpeter swans! Back on the bus we are getting closer to leaving by the minute! As we cross off each project on our list (Michael hates the list because it always involves him) we have been reflecting/ improving on past projects. We both realize that we don't need to take this much stuff with us and have really started downsizing the amount of stuff on the bus. We took out the big flat screen television. We don't need it, we barely use it and if we want to watch anything we can use a laptop. We have both drastically downsized our wardrobes again (all of my clothes fit in a small drawer). The only areas I don't seem to be shrinking is my kitchen. We both like to cook and by having everything we need it actually saves us money by minimizing the number of times we eat out and it also allows us to eat healthier less processed meals. Or at least that is what I am telling myself in order to justify how much space kitchen stuff takes up in this bus. Michael is going to be blogging about this trip from (what he thinks is) the dogs perspective, while I will continue with a human point of view. I will post his website details soon!

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