Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hopewell Rocks

We woke up and could see the fog coming in from the bay. We should have gone to the edge of the cliff and taken a few more pictures because by the time we had our coffees the fog was all around us. It wasn't raining though and soon the sun was shining! It turned out to be a beautiful day! It was a little sad to be leaving Fundy National Park, there was so much more to explore here and I would have loved to hike all of the trails and lakes here. We drove through tiny little coastal towns stopping whenever something caught our eye. Soon we were at Hopewell Rocks, the park was closed but we could still walk through and see everything. Even at high tide the place was amazing to see! We walked through a gorgeous pine trail to get down the side of the cliffs and the smell of the pines made me never want to leave! It reminded me so much of living on the trail. We took as many pictures as we could at high tide and vowed to come back later at low tide. In the meantime we were getting low on water and headed to the next little town to top up. There we found a train museum (again it was closed) but it was a great place to walk the dogs and check out the different train cars. I had never seen a snow plough car before. Cool! After enough time had passed we headed back to Hopewell Rocks to check out the ocean (well Bay of Fundy) floor. It was awesome! The last time I was here it was too muddy even at low tide to explore too much but today was different! We were probably down there for over an hour checking all of the rock formations out before heading Back up to check on the dogs. We had dinner and then took the dogs for a walk along the extended beach floor. We parked for the night with a view of the tide coming in and the shores of Nova Scotia calling us from across the bay. With the dark came the wind and the cold so we ended up moving to a more sheltered spot for the night with a view of pine trees instead. It was late anyway and warmth seemed more important than an ocean view.

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