Monday, May 1, 2017

Hull to Montebello

I woke up early this morning and thought I was moving quickly. I had a few chores to do and we were headed to Hull to visit my son. I had also planned on taking the dogs back up that trail we had discovered last night but by the time I got things done it was already 9:30. Michael ended up just taking the dogs out for a short walk while I finished putting things away. We probably should have gone up the trail anyway though because Chris wasn't ready for us when we arrived and it ended up raining the rest of the day. It all worked out though and I got our laundry done while we were at Chris's. He ended up getting called in on his day off so we decided to continue on our way after a quick drive by 26 Sussex Drive. We crossed the bridge to Quebec again and headed east along the Ottawa River. The river is so swollen there were so many good picture spots if only we had stopped. We ended up in Montebello a beautiful little town along the river. We parked right along the river at a marina campsite just up the road from the Fairmont. I really wanted to try parking at the Fairmont but didn't like the thought of being forced to move in the middle of the night. We have an amazing waterfront view here anyway much better than the parking lot at Fairmont. Goodnight World!

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