Sunday, May 7, 2017

St. George and Saint John

It rained most of the night and it looked like it would rain again today. By the time we were ready to take the dogs out it had already started. Just a light mist but it was enough to get us wet within minutes. We headed out following Fundy Coastal Drive and made a stop at St. George for a bite to eat. We drove past a really old cemetery and decided to check it out. There were headstones dating back to 1784. The really old ones were so worn and faded that they were mostly illegible. Next we thought about going to Grand Manan Island but as we approached the ferry we realized that it was so rainy and foggy that we wouldn't be able to see anything and decided to turn around and head to Saint John. Our first stop in Saint John was to the Reversing Falls. I've been here before and knew not to get my hopes up but seeing them this time made me realize how often I expect everything to be spectacular. Okay the Reversing Falls doesn't look that impressive but when I thought about the process that made the water change directions (basically we are looking at an old waterfall where the water has risen so much that the pressure of the water falling is forcing waves in the opposite direction from underneath) it is an impressive thing. It was raining on and off and we ended up spending a few hours there updating our blogs inside the bus with another waterfront view outside. Next we headed downtown to investigate the Market Square. It was a cross between a mall and a municipal building. The town library was upstairs looking down on the square and you could take a bridge to walk to city hall from inside the building. On the main floor was the entrance to the New Brunswick Museum and a gift shop and a few other stores and restaurants. It was really tastefully done. The last time I was in Saint John I was with my son and didn't really get a chance to appreciate any of the downtown area. We spend so much time there that missed our chance to refill our propane tank by minutes at Costco and decided to just grab something simple for dinner and call it a night. First stop tomorrow Costco. 

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