Monday, May 8, 2017

St. Martins and Fundy National Park

We slept in and it isn't raining! After refilling our propane tank we left Saint John and got back on the Fundy Coastal Drive. The whole day was amazing! The drive was scenic whether we were along the coast or in the mountains! I was a little nervous going down the windy, steep roads in the bus but so far so good. We stopped at St. Martins to walk the dogs and take lots of pictures at the beach along the Bay of Fundy. Michael finally got a bowl of seafood chowder, he has been talking about it for days now. It was late afternoon by the time we arrived at Fundy National Park. This place is amazing! We took a break at Wolf Lake before heading to the coast within the park. There are some awesome trails here too but my dog hasn't been feeling well for a few days and These trails are actually technical (they look like a lot of fun). I can't leave Melkie on the bus though so I won't be exploring too much. We did go down to the "beach" it was low tide and the stairs up the side of the hill were enough of a workout for me. The views here are stunning with pine covered mountains on one side and cliffs down to the water on the other. Good night world!

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