Saturday, August 19, 2017

A Few Days all in One!

I'm catching up a few days of journaling. After Cobakonk we headed back to the Midland area for a special two year old's birthday. We had an awesome day at the Penetanguishene waterfront park/splash pad and I had a surprise visit from a few friends! Next we caught up on a few mechanical chores. We needed to replace the transmission coolant line and also swap our spare tire (which was being used on the bus) for the tire that matches the rest of them (that was mounted on the back where the spare tire should be). After getting all of the chores done and a surprise visit from my daughter we skipped town once again. It was rainy and overcast but we still managed to get a hike in at Killbear Provincial Park between the rain showers. This park is absolutely gorgeous and it's really too bad that the weather wasn't a little nicer. There is a 6km trail here that I would have loved to check out. While we were hiking the Lighthouse Trail Michael had spotted a few deer in the distance and when we were almost back to the bus I spotted them again. I left Michael on the trail with his camera in hopes of getting better pictures and took the dogs for a ride over to the closest campground where I totally took advantage of the hot showers. By the time I was done it was raining again so I quickly went back to pick up Michael and we were off! We did stop at a nearby fish and chip stand to enjoy an awesome plateof fries but then we continued north. I was disappointed that it was raining as we passed the exit for Grundy Provincial Park. I would have loved to explore there but I guess we need to leave some places for future trips. We needed to find a place to spend the night and I really didn't want to miss out on French River Provincial Park. We ended up pulling into the Visitor Centre parking lot and calling it quits for the day. 

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