Saturday, August 19, 2017


I woke up early and noticed that we were surrounded by fog and fell back asleep. When I woke up later the fog was below us and it looked like we were up above the clouds! After breakfast we decided to head toward Balsam Lake Provincial Park. On the way we stopped at this amazing place that sold carvings. There were giant tepees bear carvings right down to small wall pieces. He have huge custom fireplace mantles and everything was priced very reasonably. We wondered how many hours of work had gone into each piece. At Balsam Lake place was packed but we still managed to take the dogs for a good walk and let them swim in the lake before hitting the showers and topping up our water. Next stop was another Provincial Park that was just minutes away. Indian Point Provincial Park is a big strip of wild lands on a peninsula in Balsam Lake. There are no amenities there and the trails we hiked in on look like they were made with ATV's. There were no maps or signs so we just chose the trail that we though would take us to the shoreline. We got to the water but it wasn't a pretty beach like I hoped for and the trees were so thick along the shoreline that it was hard to veer off the trail to follow the shore. We turned back and chose another trail. This one led through a fried and past a few apple trees before heading into the woods. At the next trail junction we again chose the one leading to water. The water was perfect and I went in but when I turned around I noticed that Michael (who never gets bit) was fending off bugs so I cut the water time short and we headed back. The second I was on the shore the mosquitoes were after me! We raced back through the shady woods and back to the sunny field where we were safe. Back on the bus we decided to check the nearby town of Cobokonk out and headed towards a grocery store there to resupply. We parked at the back of the lot which was edged by a field and trees and after shopping decided to stay there while we made dinner and ate. While we ate a truck pulling a flat bed drove in and people started setting up band equipment on the flat bed. Cool! We ended up parked at the town library for the night right next to the river. Tonight we live down at the river on a bus! Good night World!

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