Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Fairbank Provincial Park

We had planned on sticking around Sudbury for a solar eclipse party at Science North this afternoon but changed our mind and decided to move on. After a resupply stop at a grocery store we aimed the bus for Fairbank Provincial Park. For the second time in a couple of days we forgot to get gas before leaving town and prayed we would make it to the next gas station. Thankfully we did and soon we were on a back road that had been patched up way too many times on our way to the park. We stopped at a one way bridge just before the solar eclipse was about to start and Michael took several pictures as it progressed. Since we were at a river he also tried to fish with no success while I made us a coffee and a bite to eat. Fairbank is a really small park with a smaller beach but we managed to find a nice spot by the water to let the dogs swim before moving to a hill overlooking the water where I set my a hammock and had a nap. My nap was interrupted numerous times by my dog who insisted at barking at every moving thing while I slept. Michael took out his dremmel and started carving a duck out of a piece of wood. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon and when we realized we were running out of daylight hours I made dinner and then we drove to find the showers and then the area to top up our water. The park has a gorgeous view but we were both left with the thought that this park has been neglected for a long time. The roads were deteriorating and a large gazebo with the perfect view of the lake had been cordoned off with caution tape as it appeared to be unsafe. Although we had a perfect day at Fairbank I probably wouldn't recommend it as there are several other parks in the area. We made it back to highway 17 just as it was getting dark and pulled over at a picnic area just outside of Espanola for the night. 

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