Thursday, August 3, 2017

Six Mile Provincial Park

A friend of ours needs some help for the next few days so we are going to help during the day and find nice places to stay in the area each night. Today we headed to Six Mile Provincial Park for a picnic dinner, a walk around the campground and of course the amenities. We topped up our water, had showers and even did a load of laundry. The park stretches around a lake named not for its length but for its distance from Port Severn and is absolutely beautiful! As I walked around the campground section I couldn't help admiring the design. The tent sites were right along the waters edge and the parking was near the road with a path leading from the parking space through a wooded area to your campsite. The washrooms were pit toilets but they were raised and vented leading me to believe that waste was managed better here than at other Provincial parks. My other observation while walking through the campground had nothing to do with the park but more to do with the average camper. Campers have too much stuff! Way too much stuff! Most of the campers had more belongings with them than we have lived with through four seasons on the bus. I couldn't believe it! Maybe part of it has to do with the landscape here, it reminds me so much of when I was hiking and living out of a backpack. It's hard for me to imagine needing all of the stuff I saw today or even wanting to be responsible for it. Anyway we had a really enjoyable evening and we pulled out of the campground just as it was getting dark. Right now we are parked at Jaspen Park in Bala! Good night World! 

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  1. Hey you! We need to hook up soon...your adventures look amazing. My bf and I are planning to do something similar and would love your advice.

    Plus the radio show...still want you on there.

    If you are swinging thru GTA stop in :-) Or we can come to you somewhere.