Wednesday, October 11, 2017


We woke up in a beautiful spot but I was uneasy. I had an awful dream that I'm sure is attached to this place somehow. It was beautiful though and we took our time before we left. We were only on the road for about an hour before we stopped at a rest area for a pancake breakfast. Michael took over the driving and soon we were driving into Hope where we gassed up and continued on to Abbotsford. We arrived in Abbotsford and walked the dogs before heading over to visit with Michaels's brother. Unfortunately, we had just missed them (we didn't know it at the time but his brothers cell phone had been destroyed earlier in the week and he hadn't received any of our messages). We headed to the local Walmart where I picked up a few things to make a thanksgiving dinner and while we were waiting to hear from his brother we met this interesting guy from Labrador. He has spent the last three years travelling back and forth across Canada picking up work whenever he needed money. We ended up hanging around the Walmart parking lot listening to music and sharing our pumpkin pie with our new Newfie friend. If someone had of told me that I would be sitting here doing this a few years ago, I would have laughed at them. Good night World!

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