Monday, October 9, 2017

British Columbia!

Everything about today was perfect! We woke up with a view of the mountains out the window and and 24 hour washrooms at the casino (sometimes that's really important). We decided to check out Bow Valley Provincial Park while we were here and we were surprised by how many people were camping. Next stop was Dead Man's Flat. It's a tiny little town just before Canmore. After a quick drive through the small town we headed on to Canmore. Canmore is gorgeous! It's surrounded by mountains and just looks like an amazing place to live. We drove through the town slowly and found a place to park and hang out while I made breakfast. Our next stop was Lake Louise. As we parked it started snowing and it was pretty cold. I was still enjoying myself but when Michael asked if I was done I realized that he was freezing and it was time to go. Prior to the snow the views of the mountains were amazing but while it was snowing we could hardly see the mountains. Soon the sun was back out and everything was gorgeous again. We stopped at multiple look out spots and took lots of pictures. I wasn't really paying attention (because I knew we were staying on Hwy 1) and was surprised when we saw the sign for British Columbia! I can't believe we've made it this far! It's so much easier to drive when the landscape changes constantly and there is so much to see! I kept trying to take pictures while driving and playing with rear view mirror shots. As we were nearing Roger's Pass Michael noticed the pine trees covered in ice at the top. They looked like giant bristle brushes! We stopped when we got to Revelstoke National Park and walked the 1km boardwalk through the woods. So many of the giant cedars had died and were rotting on the ground but it was still an amazing place to see. We had brought the dogs with us for our Lake Louise side trip as well as for our walk in the woods and today is the first day Melkie has been able to keep up. I'm so glad he's getting better! Revelstoke is gorgeous! We could easily live here! The water, the mountains, it has everything we need! We continued this line of thought for the rest of the day as the road followed the the water and each new spot we saw was better than the last. Salmon Arm was another absolutely beautiful spot we could easily imagine staying! As it got dark I made the mistake of staying on the TransCanada when I should have started heading south. It was a little frustrating because I turned around and ended up on a giant highway with speeds of 120 driving in the dark when I just wanted to find a spot to stop for the night. It all worked out though, I soon saw a picnic sign and followed it to arrive at Lac La Jeune Provincial Park. We are parked right next to the lake! After another late dinner and dishes it's time for bed. It's been a long amazing day!   


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