Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sault Ste Marie

I woke up parked on a residential street and was surprised to find that the neighbours has all left for work and I hadn't even noticed! I had an awesome day visiting with Cathy. We went for a day hike on part of the Voyageur Trail and when we got back she made us an amazing curry dinner! Thank you! It was sad to leave but we had heard about the snowfall in Calgary and need to rush things just a bit. I drove away and shortly after it started to rain. I'm turning into a bit of a fussy driver and I don't like the rain or the dark! I only managed to make it as far as Agawa Visitor Cente before it was too unbearable for me to drive. We are parked in an awesome spot and can hear the waves from Lake Superior. Good night World!

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