Friday, October 6, 2017

Wawa to Thunder Bay

I woke up early and decided to try to get us to Wawa before Michael woke up. I failed miserably as he woke up shortly after but it was a gorgeous drive through mountains and valleys filled with lakes. By the time we rolled into Wawa I was running on fumes and happy to see the gas station on the edge of town. After gassing up I headed back a few kilometres to Magpie Falls ((or High Falls the sign had different names) where we stopped for breakfast. Michael took the dogs for a walk but when he came back there was something wrong with Melkie. He was acting very disorientated (like he had forgotten how to walk). He had been on a leash the entire time and Michael hadn't seen him eat anything but I had let him out during the night and maybe he ate something then. It set the mood for the day and even though we were driving through an absolutely gorgeous area with multiple Provincial parks we didn't stop to explore or take any pictures. We made several stops to try to get Melkie outside and moving around but he wasn't having any of it. Other than water and a bit of tuna broth he wasn't interested in eating either. One of our stops was at White River where the famous black bear Winnie the Pooh came from. Another stop was at the Terry Fox monument just outside of Thunder Bay. I have a lot of conflicting thoughts as I stand near the monument. The only one I will share is that it is pretty freaking amazing how much one person can change the world! Good night World!

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