Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year on a Bus!

This was taken awhile ago, Michael will be away for another ten days.

What kind of new year resolutions do bus dwellers or Van dwellers or those who live in an RV make? This is a good question and I supposed to a certain extent we make some of the same typical goals that anyone living a traditional lifestyle would make (get in shape, eat healthier, save money...) but I think we have a whole other category of goals most people only dream of. We have travel resolutions! An ever growing list of places we want to explore. It doesn’t necessarily mean travelling the world (although most people who live over four wheels would never turn that down) sometimes it’s just a list of local places that we want to stay, explore and enjoy. Other times it’s a trip across the country! Last year we made the goal to cross the country, it didn’t turn out exactly as planned but we did cross the country and had an amazing time doing it! As this year begins I realize that our list of future adventures continues to grow. We found so many places last year that we would have loved to stay in and explore deeper as well as places we want to see in a different season and places we just didn’t get to and have to go back to see. I’d love to announce that we are crossing the country again this year but we already have other goals in mind. This year is going to be epic! Michael has a few goals he has been thinking about for years and this is the year for him to accomplish those personal goals. I have wanted to thruhike the Pacific Crest Trail for a few years now and it’s going to happen this year! Of course when I first imagined it, I thought Michael would be following along with the bus but we need to adapt our goals to make it work for both of us. I have found living on a short bus forces you to be more in tune with your partner and his/her needs. For us that means one of us is continuously compromising our needs in order to make things work for the other person. This year we plan on knocking off some of those personal goals! Michael has been away for a few weeks visiting his kids and it has made me realize some of the difficulties we are going to face this coming year. My goal requires me to be away for at least four months this year. That is going to be hard. But if by the end of the year we have achieved our personal goals it will be so much easier to continue with our (joint) goals and not feel like we are always compromising our personal ones. How do you decide which goals to pursue each year and which ones to put off until later? There are always so many plans we have, which ones do you go after in earnest? 

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