Monday, March 5, 2018

Another Sponsor!

I am excited to announce a new sponsor. Choetech specializes in charging devices and is sending me a 19 watt solar panel! A few months ago I started researching my options for charging along the trail and came across a few videos comparing several portable solar chargers and the 19 watt solar panel from Choetech came out on top. I sent them a message explaining what I was about to do and inquiring about a sponsorship. Now I know that some people don’t recommend carrying a solar panel and suggest carrying a larger power bank. That is exactly what I did on the Appalachian trail and a power bank worked great. However, I plan on being out on the trail longer with less and shorter town stops this time around and really like the idea of being off the grid. We use solar panels on our bus and I love the freedom that it gives me not having to plug in anywhere. I am hoping that using a solar panel rather than a larger power bank will allow me to get in and out of town on the same day not needing to plug in for hours at a time to recharge. Also I am planning on creating videos as I go and that will quickly deplete the battery on my phone. I hope to be able to completely recharge my phone daily. I will see a lot more direct sunshine on the PCT than I did on the AT so this is the perfect opportunity for me to switch to a solar charging system. I plan on lashing the panel to my pack so that I can collect some sunshine as I hike and when I stop for breaks I will make sure the panel is in the ideal position to collect the maximum amount of sun power. This is the panel I will be using I will take actual pictures as soon as it arrives. Thank you Choetech!


  1. I love this!!! And good price. Let us know how it works for you...