Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Top 8 Places to Park at Night.

So many times in the past month I have been asked where we park at night. I'm sure I have written about where we stay while we travel but right now while Michael is working we choose places close to his work. These spots could be utilized in just about any city across the country. We follow these guidelines and haven't had any problems:

1.We never stay in the same spot two nights in a row and hang out in different places during the day.
2.We clean up after ourselves and follow all leave no trace principles.
3. We follow our guts. If something doesn't feel right about the spot we don't stay.

So here are our top 8 places we stay:

1. Parks or wooded areas.
This includes forest service roads on the edge of town, conservancy areas or historical sites. Anywhere with an awesome view or that is naturally sheltered is our favourite. Most of these places are also perfect for walking the dogs.

2. Tourist Information parking lots.
We look like we belong here.

3. Mall, Grocery store or Wal-Mart  parking lots.
This is my least favourite but sometimes the most convenient. We usually look for the darkest corner away from traffic to park but recently learned that our solar panels will continue to collect power if we park right under a light post.

4. Costco
Especially on days when you need to refill your propane tank and/or get gas.

5. Recreational Centres, Arenas or the YMCA.
Sometimes you can even grab a shower!

6. Churches
This is perfect for the nights where it's really snowing and you need to be out of the way of the snowplows.

7. Outdoor Gear Shops
MEC, Sail, Sojourns, Cabellas, Bass Pro
, or any fish and tackle shop.
The bus just looks like it's supposed to be there.

8. Pet Stores and Dog Parks
Because we have a logo on our bus that pertains to dogs we fit right in and go unnoticed when parked in front of a pet store or a dog park.

Hope this gives you a few new ideas about where to park for the night.

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