Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Day One!

13.8 miles/22.2km

We woke up before 5 and still were the last ones to make to the CDT shuttle at 6. We picked up our CDT tags and bandana and could have grabbed sunscreen and chapstick but how much more do we really want to carry? There were a total on ten people starting today. Our packs were all put in the back of a pick up truck and we piled into two trucks for a ride to the border. We stopped in Hachita where we would see a real toilet for the last time. I tried to talk a hiker into buying a sombrero for the monument picture and he almost went for it. On the way we exchanged trail stories and close to the border we stopped and were told the story of how the monument got its name. It went something like this: Back in the early 1900’s was a group camping and some guy named Frank Evans insulted the camp cook and the camp cook picked up his hatchet and hit Frank in the head killing him. And I’m told that’s how Crazy Cook Monument got its name. I’m not sure I believe any of it but… you can decide.

At the border on the other side of the fence was an old lazy boy chair so we all took turns sitting in Mexico and having our pictures taken. This was repeated at the monument. Everyone disappeared up the trail fairly quickly but we had decided to hang back, readjust our packs and figure out our sun umbrellas before taking off. It was hot and windy and Rebecca had given up on her umbrella before the first miles was through .Her pack wasn’t right either but we realized later it was all the extra water we were carrying. She had 4.7L of water! That’s over ten pounds of water!

Even though it was hot and dry, it was still a great day! We stopped and pretended we were at the beach with our umbrellas over our faces. We stopped in the shade almost every chance we got, and there weren’t very many chances.  It was nice to see the dessert plants in bloom although everything had spikes and it was best to steer clear of all the vegetation. It was also nice to be somewhere  that has a view of hills or mountains in a distance. 

 At the end of the day we had made it to the first water cache  and set up the tent right in front of it.  We are both tired. Goodnight World!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu

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