Thursday, April 25, 2024

The day before the trail!

 Today the goal was just to acclimatize and relax and I’m pretty sure we did a great job! We started the day by walking to the coffee truck for coffees and smoothies with the hiker who had arrived as we were going to bed. Her name is Trippin and she has hiked pretty much everywhere! She just got off the Florida Trail before she started the CDT. Next stop was a Mexican restaurant for breakfast! We made a quick stop at the Econolodge where instead of a hiker box they had two tables filled with things hikers need. We each scored a few things. 

Then it was back to Felicia’s where we just hung out, got clean and did a load of laundry. Another hiker who doesn’t have a trail name yet arrived so it was another day of interesting conversations.  Sweetwatah was still sleeping when we had left in the morning but was gone by the time we got back. He arrived back minutes before Felicia got home from work and we decided to tag along for a ride to Silver City (we will be hiking to Silver City) to buy a few more groceries. It was a scenic drive and gave us a nice preview of all the cute plants with spikes that we will be meeting along the trail. The mountains and hills were nice too! Once in Silver City we did what hikers do best and ended up at a really nice Mexican restaurant where Sweetwatah wanted to have a Margarita competition. Felicia was totally game but I really didn’t want to start the trail more dehydrated than I already was so….it was water for me.  It was an awesome last meal with awesome people and the perfect place to spend an evening! Trippin’ and Sweetwatah were staying in Silver City (Trippin to hike SOBO to Lordsberg and Sweetwatah to catch up to his friends. We said our goodbyes and drove back to add the final few items to our packs.  Tomorrow we hike!

Goodnight World!

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” Unknown

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