Thursday, April 25, 2024

Feels like home!

We haven’t even started hiking and I feel like the adventure has already started! Today was awesome! We woke up in Tucson Arizona and after a free hotel breakfast headed over to the bus station where we met more hikers! There was a section hiker (he had hiked 1400 miles of the CDT a previous year but had to get off because an injury) who is planning on hiking from the Mexican border to Doc Campbell’s. He said he didn’t have a trail name but that he went by Lightkeeper years ago he used to be take care of a lighthouse. And we met Lookout (from London) who is also attempting the Triple Crown.  On the bus Lookout sat with us and made a 2 1/2 hour bus ride seem like minutes.  We talked about everything from past trail experiences, activism, trail food, being vegan and personal ethics.  He is raising money for Wilderness Foundation UK. They specialise in helping disadvantaged children and adults get into nature and offer mental health services. He is hoping to raise £3100 for the 3100 miles he is hiking.  If you  want to help or learn more about it:

In Lordsberg we headed straight for the post office to unload the extra 50lbs we had been carting around. Inside they had a map of the world and we each marked where we lived. So far I’m the only one from Ontario and Becca is the only one from Vancouver Island (I think there is someone from Vancouver). They also had a log book for us to sign in. It took awhile to sort it all out and we were hungry by the time we were done. 

I sent a message to our trail Angel Felicia to let her know we were going to go eat first but she offered to come pick us up and feed us!  Felicia is awesome.

 We ended up picking up Sweetwatah (an injured hiker from Boston who needs a ride to Silver City)and we all ate tacos and got to know each other.  

 Like Lookout Felicia believes that being out in nature heals trauma and has spent her life helping disadvantaged kids. After dinner we went for a drive to a beautiful spot to see an incredible sunset!

 Back at the house as we were getting ready for bed in (wait for it…a room that had two hammock stands with hammocks set up for us)aa hiker arrived who had just hiked in from the border. Did I tell you that this place is perfect!!! feel like I am back in my element surrounded by people I already love! 

Goodnight World!

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”  Gary Snyder

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