Sunday, May 15, 2016


Day 10, Lucerne, Switzerland
We woke up early this morning with a plan to hike a mountain in the Swiss Alps! We knew it might be cold so we wore our warmest clothes and packed extra layers. We headed out past Lucerne but when we got to the mountains which were impressive it quickly became obvious that we wouldn't be warm enough and we probably needed boots to trudge through the snow we could see above us. The other thing was that is was very overcast and we wouldn't get any good views or pictures today. Sadly we decided to change our plans but it turned out to be a great day! Lucerne was even more impressive than Zurich. I couldn't get over what I was seeing. If someone had taken a picture of the waterfront here with the mountains in the background and asked me where in the world I thought this was taken, there is no way I would have guessed Switzerland! Japan maybe, but not here! The town was surrounded by a wall with high turrets that we could climb up and walk along the top of the wall. Again everywhere I looked there were fascinating buildings to check out. After hanging out on top of the walk for a bit and taking lots of pictures we walked the cobblestone streets stopping at anything and everything that caught our eye. We wandered for hours! The town boasts the oldest covered bridge in Europe and it was cool! In the rafters of the roof of the bridge were painted pictures depicting another story or legend. I wish I knew what the story was about but I took as many pictures of it to ask someone later. Before we left we stopped at a chocolatier and it was so hard to only order hot chocolates, everything looked delicious and the homemade ice creams were hard to resist. We had just started driving away when the rain started - perfect timing! We all had a nap when we got back and then Dina made us an amazing spaghetti dinner with a salad. We are all just repacking our backpacks for Spain tomorrow and trying to shave ounces however we can. We aren't quite ready to turn in for the night but it will be soon. We have an early flight tomorrow. Good night world!

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