Tuesday, May 17, 2016

On the trail!

Day 12 Sarria to Portmarin 22.1 km
What an amazing day! I love Spain! We slept in a little and packed up quickly, stopping to sit and have a coffee just as most of the pellegrinos (pilgrims) were leaving town. It is unbelievable how many of us there are and how many languages I have heard today. At the same time We met people who live in Aurora (a town a few hours from home) and a guy who had been to Ste Marie (in Midland) as one of his ancestors was a Jesuit there in the 1600's and he was learning about his family's history. How cool is that! After our coffees (which are excellent here by the way) we hiked out and within minutes of being out of town Dina said exactly what I was thinking, she said "this makes me wish we had hiked the whole thing." It's true but at the same time we loved Germany and the the old cities in Switzerland, I'm pretty sure we will be back here again one day anyway! The Camino is so different than the AT, we walked through several small towns/villas today and stopped for coffee and later on lunch. We were on roads or paths that were lined with trees or old rock fences through farmers fields for most of the day. We got into town around 4 I think and the albergues we wanted to stay at was  full. We ended up next store in a huge place that has a giant room of bunk beds that could sleep over 100 people. Luckily it's not that busy right now! After showering and laundry we went next door and again had an amazing dinner for a fraction of what we would have spent at home. Then we walked up the street to check out an old church! This town looks like the perfect place to live! It's beautiful here and we have a waterfront view! It isn't even 9pm yet and it's still light out but I have to get some sleep! The sun got me pretty good today and I need to recover. Good night world!

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