Sunday, May 8, 2016

Our cool little home for a few days!

After meeting Keith and Dina we picked up a rental car and headed into Munich (Munchen in German). Dina had found us the perfect little apartment on Arbnb close to the city centre. We arrived to find we have a top floor apartment with a nice balcony AND the apartment reminds us of a tiny house! It's around 350 square feet and so cute! Michael and I went for a short walk while Keith and Dina recovered from their long flight and then we all headed down the street for a traditional schnitzel dinner. We found an Olympic sized pool on the way home for Dina as she is training for the next Iron Man. Most of the evening was spent relaxing and chatting away. This is the first I've been to Germany and in many ways it is similar to Scotland except that the roads are a little wider (still narrower than in North America) and the cars are a little bigger too. Oh and there is definitely more sunshine here than in Glasgow! So far everything has a simple or understated look but it is absolutely beautiful here!  

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