Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Palace Day!

Day 5 - Munich, Germany
Dina made us bacon and eggs this morning and it was delicious! We took our time getting ready before heading to Schlosspark Nymphenburg. I was excited to see a palace and to be honest was a little disappointed when we drove up to what looked like a box style building. It turned out to be an amazing place though and we easily could have spent more time there. The palace was built 1664-1675 and I couldn't believe how well everything had been preserved but then again it has always been in use. Today the Duke of Bavaria lives there. The palace grounds or park is 490 acres and was absolutely gorgeous. We felt like we were hiking. We were surrounded by trees and lots of birds, it made me forget I was in a city. There were so many trails we could have taken but we chose one that follows the river to the lake towards some of the other buildings on the property. The other buildings were just as interesting as the palace! The first one we saw was a summer hunting home for an Earl's wife. If it wasn't for the musty smell I would happily have moved in. It was so cool! The last building we came to was a really old church or so we thought. It was built in 1725 and designed to look like an ancient church. It was amazing how much thought had been put into it. The ceiling was made of tiny coloured pebbles and the walls had shells and what looked like birds right in the walls. We originally had planned to spent a few hours but ended up staying the whole day. I'm kind of glossing over the day because I'm so tired. We got back to the apartment and decided to do our laundry before going for dinner. Even the laundromat was interesting. When we paid at a kiosk built into the wall (kind of like an ATM) we had to choose which machine we wanted and detergent is automatically dispensed and there is just a start button on the machine that is already set to go. For dinner we went back to the same place near our apartment where we had gone the first night Keith and Dina arrived. Again the food was spectacular! I'm exhausted. Good night world!

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